party pods & Marquees

Our heated Party Pods & Private Marquees are perfect for birthday parties. 

The troop transport pods are from the movie Edge of Tomorrow staring Tom Cruise.

Our private seating is perfect for players to have party food inside or just to chill out in and they are wind resistant & water proof too.

The party pods are large enough for 8 adults or 10 children. 
The Marquees are large enough for 8 adults/children and room for 
parents to supervise. 

Party pod 1 has a higher table suitable for teenagers and adults.
Party pod 2 has a low table suitable for small children.
Marquee 1 is 4.5m x 3m which is perfect for adults or children. 

Morning (9am till 12:30)
Afternoon (12:30 till 5pm)

T&C These party areas can only be booked in conjunction with a activity booking.

Due to a technical issue you will need to make a separate booking to book.
This will be fixed asap (expected the beginning of 2024)