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welcome to driver wood events ltd

Driver Wood Events Ltd is a family run business offering a variety of activities to satisfy any adrenaline seeker. We cater for all ages and abilities whether taking part or just wanting to watch the action.  

Our staff are friendly, approachable and willing to help you tailor your experience ensuring that you have a great and affordable day out.

The idea of opening a paintball site came from the love and passion of the sport. Driver Wood Paintball was purchased by Gareth and his wife Joanna as a failed business. Their hard work and determination changed a small sole trader operation into Driver Wood Events Ltd. known by everyone as Driver Wood Activity Centre.

In less than 5 years the company grew from running sessions of 5 players a day to 350.

Although, hit hard during pandemic the company survived and it’s been expanding ever since.

Joanna and Gareth’s combine skills were a perfect recipe for a success.

Driver Wood Activity centre (Crawley)

Situated in 40 acres of woodland with spectacular views of bluebells in the spring and beautiful untouched woodland to relax in year round.

Driver Wood Activity Centre offers the most advanced game zones and equipment money can buy. 


Exeter activity centre

Situated in 71 acres of woodland with an array of varied terrain. A huge bridge, church, Fort and much more!! You know you will have a intense fast action day.